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With the increase in video meetings rocketing since the COVID-19 pandemic, developers have been working hard to improve the UX of those struggling to keep up with notes due to zoom fatigue. is a company that creates technologies and products that make information from important voice conversations instantly accessible and actionable. The business released a new product last week called Otter Assistant, which automatically joins calendared Zoom meetings on a user’s behalf. The product records, takes notes, and shares those notes with other participants, whether they actually take part in the meeting or not. The assistant is visible to all participants on the call, giving full transparency to all attendees that their comments are being recorded – ensuring no security or data issues.

Otter Assistant provides automated meeting notes with summary keywords, highlights, photos, and full audio transcripts. The product can significantly support workflows, allowing sharing and collaboration with integrations into various  calendar and video meeting tools including Zoom, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.

This development in automated intelligence allows participants to focus on the meeting and what’s being said, rather than scribbling notes and missing important information. It also allows individuals who are only needed for certain sections of a meeting, to drop out of calls and catch up on the relevant information afterwards. Furthermore, if an individual gets pulled away or has overlapping meetings, Otter Assistant can attend without the owner of the software and record and make notes on their behalf.

Even though people are starting to make their way back into the office, reports are showing flexible working and a ‘hybrid approach’ to working from home and office will become the new norm. This new way of working suggests video meetings/conferencing will be here to stay and there is a definite market for developments like Otter Assistant; that can support the UX whilst improving workflows.