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As a population we have become heavily dependent on digital devices to work, shop, communicate, travel, store data and much more. Unfortunately, this reliance delivers constant opportunities for cyber criminals. Public and private organisations that are improving and streamlining business services and procedures are being targeted by malicious actors.  

From detection management, threats and vulnerability to identity and access management, and infrastructure, our dedicated cybersecurity consultants are experts within various niche cyber marketplaces, helping clients connect cyber security talent. 

Roles we specialise in include:

  • Application security
  • DevSecOps
  • Penetration testing
  • Enterprise Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Network Security
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) / Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)
  • Leadership (CISO, VP Security, Head of Information Security) 
  • Cyber Compliance
  • SIEM

We boast an unmatched candidate pool of experts in planning, implementing, updating, monitoring and maintaining the required security measures – cloud and server level. We research candidates’ experience in detail including; access control, infrastructure support, security design, intrusion detection, threat analysis, security policy enforcement and level of expertise on the key systems in the market including; cisco, juniper, F5, Splunk and Checkpoint

We have a team of experienced experts in this field who can question and reference check candidate’s skills and experience. This ensures candidates have the knowledge, ability and willingness to constantly develop, to successfully protect business IT systems, networks and data.

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    I have interacted with very few consultants who have a thorough understanding of the work and complexities involved in the job role for which they are hiring,

    Abhishek Iyenger, Asset Manager at HSBC