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Working within IT Infrastructure means responsibility for the IT system foundations, and with everything moving into the digital world, it is crucial this is protected, developed and managed effectively. 

IT systems, storage and network professionals are responsible for security, functionality, scalability, reliability and optimisation of an organisation’s infrastructure. This includes all computer systems, relevant applications, hardware, software and local and wide area network infrastructure (LAN/WAN).

Role we specialise in include:

  • LAN / WAN / WLAN
  • Telephonie 3G & 4G
  • VoIP
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • G-Suite
  • Hardware
  • Mac OS
  • Virtualisation
  • Cloud Environments
  • Unix, Citrix
  • Virtualization
  • VMWare, VSphere
  • EMC, IBM, 
  • HP Storage
  • NetApp, AWS

We work with a wide range of public and private sector organisations to locate the resources needed to effectively support, design, implement, test and document both virtual and physical infrastructures.

We understand that these individuals can be business critical when it comes to data reliability, back-up, disaster recovery and scalability. 

Due to the level of responsibility, we research our candidates much deeper than the CV permits. We cover experience in the following; design and deployment of VMWare solutions, Microsoft development, backup and recovery solutions, network administration, diagnosing and rectifying issues, replacing faulty components, configuring functions and accommodating additional users. We also assess essential soft skills such as analytical, problem-solving and communication skills

So if you need a specialist in your IT-Infrastructure, please contact us!

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    I have interacted with very few consultants who have a thorough understanding of the work and complexities involved in the job role for which they are hiring,

    Abhishek Iyenger, Asset Manager at HSBC