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Finding the best talent is undoubtedly a challenge and the competition when looking to hire software developers is getting fiercer. From Backend to Frontend, Full Stack to Mobile Development, Java to Javascript, PHP to .NET, we have a team of consultants each specialising in a specific skill and location, ready to assist your recruitment needs. 

Roles we specialise in include:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Mobile
  • Kotlin
  • Scala
  • Testing
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Python

We are up to date with the latest technologies, languages, frameworks and libraries. We understand what our clients are looking for and are able to speak the same language as our candidates – allowing us to quickly assess skills, experience and seniority.

We look in detail at experience, past projects completed, and technology knowledge. We uncover skills that may not be confirmed on candidates resumes such as; can they identify and fix compatibility issues; can they communicate and work alongside other development teams; do they have the ability to create, test and deploy new innovative applications. 

Commercial experience is vital. Often knowledge gained at university and on training courses – although useful – isn’t always used in business coding. So, we align programmers’ experience in similar IT projects with clients’ needs. Whether it’s creating applications to meet specific requirements; development, testing or debugging; implementing projects; broad web and database development; understanding solution patterns, web services and dynamic sculpting language; or software integration. We find the experience required so employees can hit the ground running.

Programming language is developing at pace, showing how creative and passionate the software community is. However, this constant evolution means developers need to be continually learning or risk knowledge gaps. We research candidates’ certifications and experience to ensure they not only have the required knowledge to fulfil role requirements, but the right attitude to continue personally developing – a great trait for any employee.

Whether you’re looking for a (senior) developer, lead engineer, architect or tester, we have the talent pool and expertise to assist. We ask tailored questions on third party tools, custom solutions, alternative cloud services and much more. We capture the whole picture of a candidates’ expertise to ensure they’re the perfect fit for the role at hand. 

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    My consultant at Halian is definitely on the top in this dimension. I appreciate their transparency, clarity and timeliness while handling a candidate.

    Abhishek Iyenger, Asset Manager at HSBC