Climate Quitting

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A growing number of individuals are fighting to protect our planet and it is quickly transforming the job market. People are quitting their jobs (becoming known as ‘climate quitters’) and seeking roles where they can combat climate change. 

In LinkedIn’s most recent article on ‘climate quitting’, they ran the following poll: In your next role, will you prioritise finding a company working to tackle climate change?’. The results on 10/01/2023 were showing 40% of respondents stating it’s their main criteria . Note, this statistic may change until the poll closes.


Awareness of our individual, collective and business impact is growing substantially and people feel responsible to future proof our planet. According to the International Labour Organisation, if the right policies to promote a greener economy are put in place, 24 million new jobs will be created worldwide by 2030. However, even though there is a growing number of ‘climate quitters’, LinkedIn’s report shows that since 2015, the annual demand growth for green skills is outweighing green talent by 2%.

Bloomberg has also released a really insightful article with plenty of data on climate quitting. A key stat being; 51% of people would accept lower salaries to work for an environmentally responsible company. The article also includes interviews with a number of ‘climate quitters’ who share their stories and motivation for making the move to protect our planet. 


Within our Renewables team at Halian, we are seeing a number of new candidates applying for roles to make the move from fossil fuels into renewables, supporting this growing ‘climate quitting’ trend. 

Yaw Boateng, Director of Renewables at Halian said: “Many years ago people found a job that delivered the financial reward to pay for life; 40 years in the same company, day in, day out. Not necessarily considering what their real passion is.  Today in the 21st century we are better off than any time in human history. We are the first generation to take security, enough food, clean water and electricity for granted. And because we have this luxury, we should do everything we can to find our ‘why’, or our purpose. In fact, it is essential to live a happy, fulfilling and contented life.  Every day, I speak with candidates in the renewable energy sector, as well as candidates looking for opportunities to enter the market. One of the main motivations to join the sector is to have a meaningful job. And the Renewable Energy sector provides this. 

Halian identifies and connect individuals with opportunities to develop and execute renewable energy projects so that we, as a population, can achieve our global energy transition goals. Knowing my team and I support renewable energy projects makes us proud to positively contribute to our planet.”