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Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Liz. I specialise in the Swiss Market at Halian, based at our international Hub in London.


You’re recruiting for the Swiss Market, what’s special about it? Are there any key trends? 

I think the beauty and uniqueness of the Swiss Market are that people are diverse, kind, genuine and take the time to build a solid relationship. Once people understand your true intention, they’re willing to connect and build a long-term relationship, that goes both ways. 


What are the benefits of working in Switzerland?

Apart from the attractive salaries, I think the best part about the Swiss market is that culturally people are honest and don’t waste anyone’s time, which I really appreciate. Time management and efficiency are one of the most important factors in my job and a crucial part of success. 

Another big factor is the diverse selection of languages spoken and therefore, a wide range of different people with strong international and tech skills. As the country is split into Kantons, we also have different salary ranges and lifestyle levels, which makes it interesting when talking to people or making life-changing differences when placing them in different areas.


A lot of freelancers really like working remotely. How about working remotely for Swiss clients, is it possible/common? Could you work remotely for a Swiss company from a different country? 

Traditional companies are more likely to stick to a ‘3 days working from the office and 2 days working from home policy. From my experience, startups or large international companies tend to offer 100% remote work. I definitely think that this will be an interesting topic in the future.


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