Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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For mental health awareness week 2021, the focus is on how nature can support. Nature has been selected this year for numerous reasons, and one factor that may resonate with many is going for a walk. Getting out of the house for fresh air, to meet one other household or simply just to switch off, have become common coping strategies, especially during lockdowns. 

Research done by the Mental Health Foundation showed the following:

  1. More than 50% of UK adults said being close to nature improved their mental health
  2. 4 in 10 said it made them feel less worried or anxious
  3. And almost two thirds said it made them feel positive emotions

Nature can’t solve all our problems, but it can definitely bring a sense of calm to our daily lives. 

At Halian, we take employee wellbeing and mental health seriously and are always looking to develop and add new initiatives to support our staff. 

Earlier this year, we encouraged getting outside and being close to nature by running a company Strava competition. We wanted to make sure this was inclusive and open to all levels of fitness, so any movement was included; walking, running, jogging, cycling or rowing. This initiative really positively influenced the team to get outside and be with nature, whilst improving their wellbeing, work-life balance and overall health and fitness. 

Making time for daily exercise and being outdoors with nature is really important, especially over the last year with lockdowns reducing our movement. We will continue to encourage connecting with nature and outdoor activities throughout the year, our next event includes “bike to work day” on 14th May. We encourage all companies to get involved if they can! This will not only help with mental health, but could have a significant positive impact on our environment. 

In addition to encouraging fitness and outdoor activities, we send a weekly wellness internal newsletter. This includes wellbeing tips, meditation recommendations and certified podcasts along with a range of other wellness tricks and tips. 

Halian is committed to putting our people first and always strive to support their mental health and wellbeing. We hope that our colleagues continue to connect with nature in new ways and prioritise investing in their mental health in the way that works for them. 

We hope that by sharing our internal initiatives, other businesses feel inspired to implement some more wellbeing initiatives for their team.