Why professional development is important – Student internship

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Further training and development opportunities are available for personal and professional levels. Some professions require regular training, but the opportunities can also be found independently.

By strengthening existing skills and learning new ones, professional development creates opportunities to grow quickly in your career, as they grow your area of expertise, they can also grow your area of responsibility and lead to getting a promotion faster.

Making use of education and training opportunities can also help to stand out in a pool of applicants: Certificates of successfully completed training look good on any CV and demonstrate expertise and commitment.

People showing initiative for independent learning signal to employers that they are open to new experiences and bring the will to continuously learn and develop.


In Germany, further training begins in school (9th grade, approx. 14-15 years): in every federal state, it is common for students to learn more about the ever changing working world through internships. These mainly serve career orientation: either you complete them in a profession that you can imagine yourself getting into later, or you can tell that you want to do something completely different. Both helpful!

Other reasons for an internship are:

  • Polishing your CV: As already mentioned, it is a positive sign for later employers if an applicant already has professional experience.
  • Networking: Especially as a recruiter, networking is an absolute must. A large network can open doors: We are always looking for new team members and are happy to stay in touch with our interns if both sides see fit. 🙂
  • Life experience: Interns also learn a lot about themselves during the placement, including their own limits and skills. Knowing your own personal strengths and weaknesses is essential for later applications.
What would an internship with Halian look like?

We give students the opportunity to get to know the company better, get an insight into the work of a recruiter and work set tasks independently. It is important to us to give insight into recruiting operating processes as well as the general working world.

Among other things, Halian interns get an insight into:

  • Our specialisations
  • Cover letters
  • BD calls
  • CRM
  • Admin & organisation
  • Interviews
  • Corporate presentations
  • Hiring Processes
  • Client and candidate management

Due to the fast pace and varied nature of the recruitment industry, it is unfortunately not possible for us to show an intern all facets of the job. Nevertheless, we are happy to give a detailed insight which will hopefully lead to spreading our passion for the industry.

If you know someone (who knows someone …), who would be interested in learning more about recruitment: recommend us!