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Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Aamena Bohra, I am a Software Engineer at Adesso. I have worked in this position for 3.5 years, prior to this I completed my Masters of Computer Science. 


What was it that inspired you/ or who inspired you to start a career in Tech?

Back in India, my cousin is a software engineer and that inspired me to start a career in Tech. Their interest, enthusiasm and passion for their career really inspired me. 


How many women are working at your recent employer? Does this impact how you feel about your role or progression?

There are a lot of women working at my current employer. I feel very lucky given the tech industry as a whole is quite male-dominated. It definitely does have a positive impact, I feel more confident and safe and have senior female leaders I can aspire to be. 


What about diversity and inclusion at your recent employer? Are there initiatives?

At my current employer, Adesso, there are many women and people from different locations across the globe, making it a very diverse crowd. There’s an initiative called “SHEforIT”; the aim is to significantly increase the number of female computer scientists, female consultants, managers and junior staff in IT in the next few years at adesso and to make a long-term contribution to ensuring that more girls and women are interested in a professional future in IT. The initiative has focused goals and measures to ensure we don’t just talk, but that we actually achieve something. 


The Tech/P&C sectors are heavily male-dominated. Did this affect your ambition to start a career?

No, not really. I believe if you want to do something and if you are good at it, then your gender doesn’t matter.


What do you think can be done to make the industry more diverse and attract more women?

Employers can offer more benefits and flexible working hours to maintain a work-life balance. 


What advice would you give to women considering a career in the sector?  

Don’t be afraid of Programming/Coding. If men can do it, then women definitely can do it better. 


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